It’s Good to Be Queen Book Review

This is at its heart, is a  book about the Queen of Sheba and her visit to Solomon. Liz takes the story straight from the Bible. There is no romance read into it between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon like many movies and books can portray. But none the less it is a very good book, possibly one of the best I have read in years with self help. I liked that it took a good look at the Queen of Sheba one of my favorite women in the Bible.

It can be used as a bible study, but I did not use it that way. I just read it, and it is full of good inspirational thoughts and mojo. But if you wanted to use it as a bible study, you could break it down in about 5 weeks if you do 2 chapters a week which is doable. The chapters are not long and are easy to get through.


While the author approaches the topic biblically she doesn’t try to shove her ideas down you (the readers) throat, she subtly gives way to her opinion that most I agree with.


The language is easy to understand, not overly complicated like some of the religious books I have read in the past. I would definitely pass this book on to someone else I know. I know its teachings have helped me be more gracious in everyday life.


FTC STATEMENT: I received this book from please see their website for more information. All opinions are my own.


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