First Family Detail -Review

First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler – Review

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Ronald Kessler is the New York Times bestselling author of The Secrets of the FBIIn the President’s Secret Service, and The CIA at War. A former Wall Street Journal and Washington Postinvestigative reporter, Kessler has won eighteen journalism awards, including two George Polk awards, one for national reporting and one for community service. He was named a Washingtonian of the Year by Washingtonian magazine. Kessler lives in Potomac, Maryland with his wife, Pamela Kessler.


· Vice President Joe Biden regularly orders the Secret Service to keep his military aide with the nuclear football a mile behind his motorcade, potentially leaving the country unable to retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack.

· Secret Service agents discovered that former president Bill Clinton has a blond mistress. Within minutes of Hillary Clinton’s leaving, the woman—codenamed Energizer by agents—shows up to be with Bill every day while the likely future presidential candidate is away.

· The Secret Service covered up the fact that President Ronald Reagan’s White House staff overruled the Secret Service to let unscreened spectators get close to Reagan as he left the Washington Hilton, allowing him to be shot by John W. Hinckley Jr.

· Secret Service agents have been dismayed to overhear Michelle Obama push her husband to be more aggressive in attacking Republicans and to side with blacks in racial controversies.

· Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan diverted agents from protecting President Obama and his family at the White House and ordered them instead to protect his assistant at her home and illegally retrieve confidential records as a favor to her.

· Because Hillary Clinton is so nasty to agents, being assigned to her protective detail is considered a form of punishment and the worst assignment in the Secret Service.

· Secret Service agents were ordered to ignore security rules and allow the SUV carrying actor Bradley Cooper to drive unscreened into a secure restricted area when President Obama was about to deliver his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

· Vice President Joe Biden spends millions of taxpayer dollars flying to and from his home in Delaware on Air Force Two. His office tried to cover up the costs of the personal trips.

· Because the Secret Service refused to provide enough magnetometers at his campaign events, Mitt Romney regularly left himself open to assassination by giving speeches to unscreened crowds.

· Vice President Joe Biden swims nude at the vice president’s residence in Washington and at his home in Delaware, offending female agents.


This edition is an update of an earlier work, however, I have never been exposed to any of Mr. Kessler’s previous or current work. That being said, this book was a very easy to follow read and extremely interesting to me. As a history lover, I loved the unique approach the author has to this subject. Typically, I favor European History, especially British, but this book gained my intrigue. And IF all the statements made by the author are true, I have gained some unique insight to the highest level of government office in the U.S. This is a great read, it is interesting and keeps a steady pace throughout. This book gave both a good look at the Secret Service and what they do as an organization to keep the President and his family protected. It was a book I will keep and read over and over again.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books, as compensation for my honest and fair review. All opinions are my own. Check out their website at:


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