Seven Revolutions Book Review

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In Seven Revolutions, authors Mike Aquilina and James Papandrea examine the practices of the early Church – a body of Christians living in the Roman Empire – and show how the lessons learned can apply to Christians living in the United States today. Through expert storytelling and historical insight, the authors show just how revolutionary Christians were against the backdrop of ancient Rome, and just how revolutionary we can be today.


This was a fascinating read for me as a newly confirmed Catholic. Mike Aquilina is a great author and a well spring of information on Christianity and especially Catholicism. This book was one of the most insightful and inspiring books I have read this year in my journey to becoming a Catholic. Each of the “Seven Revolutions” has its own dedicated chapter, and really dives into depth with that discussion of the specific revolution being presented in that chapter. This book is a great read, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning more about Christianity, Catholic Church doctrine. Seven Revolutions also poses a unique look at early – Christian Rome and the culture that surrounded that period of history. This book was intriguing for me as a history major and it is one that will stay in my re-read pile for years to come.

Disclosure (for book reviews) – The FTC requires book reviewers to disclose the following: Book reviews will appear regularly on this site. There are books that I have purchased myself or borrowed from the library, I will note this. However, I do occasionally receive books, at no cost, in exchange for a fair and balanced review with no other compensation provided. – I received this book Seven Revolutions from Blogging for Books – you can visit their website at


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